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     Our COMPANY:

    GOOD CHOICE ESSENTIALS LIVELIHOOD, INC. or GC ESSENTIALS for brevity, is a 100% Filipino owned Corporation registered with the  Securities and  Exchange Commission (SEC)  last  November 28, 2012.  The company  officially started  its livelihood  seminars and workshops on the same date  it  was  registered  by a group of  Network Marketing Specialists  and  entrepreneurs  with  decades of  experience in livelihood trainings, promotions, and sales  of  livelihood consumer products.

    GC ESSENTIALS is connected with importers and manufacturers of raw materials which aids  the realization of  the company’s  mission of  providing basic skills in livelihood to various communities in the country.

    GC ESSENTIALS being centered on providing  fundamental skills of  livelihood to every individual,  also envisions a Profit Sharing Program to the public to maximize the achievement of  income and financial stability.

    GC ESSENTIALS encourages every  member of  the community to take part and participate in the attainment  of  the company’s  goals and objectives  to provide entrepreneurial skills to the public to make each individual capable of raising one’s own business, since  the financial stability of every Filipino household stabilizes the country as a whole.



    GOOD CHOICE ESSENTIALS LIVELIHOOD, INC. undertakes to provide livelihood seminars and trainings to impart basic skills in making perfumes, dishwashing liquids and other essential needs in the household.

    The company also endeavours to provide entrepreneurial skills to the public to make each individual capable of raising one’s own business.



    It is the great vision of Good Choice Essentials Livelihood, Inc. to help every Filipino raise  his own business equipped with the basic skills of  livelihood provided by the company.

    Good  Choice  Essentials  Livelihood, Inc. dreams to become oneof the nation’s great  leaders  in the field of building the economy by religiously imparting livelihood to all Filipinos and to all men across the world.